The identity of undefined Hercules Torrent too underestimates the viewer then if face, it is best to not want to understand anything and just have fun with the use of 3D. Oh maybe you will not be angry to have paid dearly for something so bad.

Before concluding it is worth mentioning the overuse and often pointless 3D. Ok, the target audience of the film are fans of long action, preferring sequences of pure adrenaline intelligent dialogues therefore “abuse” of the 3D effects, it makes sense, but even for that, it is important to have consistency. In the film in almost every scene has 3D effects in several of them is to cool the interaction with the public.

But for example, a scene in which Hercules Torrent and Hebe kiss in the lake, suddenly starts to fall a sort of snow, greater detail is the sun (how so?). But to admit that there is an overall efficient resource usage, you are exploring, especially in the battle scenes, giving the feeling that the viewer is inside the action, often needing to shred you close or swords that fill the screen.